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As always, please refer to the following for how to best use this newsletter:

1. Please reply to me with your interest in any relationships I share here.

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3. Please reply to me even if you have NO interest in anyone I share today.

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Let's look at today's spotlighted Well Aware networking relationships:

Jalen Alexander

Jalen Alexander helps organizations improve their policies and programs using his expertise in data analysis, statistics, and mixed-methods research. Jalen is a Research Associate at MDRC, a non-profit organization dedicated to improving the lives of people with low incomes through high-quality research and evidence. With a strong background in psychology and sociology, Jalen has applied his skills in various fields such as STEM education, public health, and voting rights. His passion for education and commitment to making a positive impact, coupled with his analytical abilities and research capabilities, have always stood out. Our discussions have always been insightful, reflecting his deep understanding of social issues and his commitment to finding evidence-based solutions. I am grateful for the opportunity to collaborate with Jalen and look forward to our continued professional relationship. Thank you, Jalen.

ASKS: Folks, Jalen is eager to connect with entrepreneurs, educators, and small businesses looking to harness the power of data to understand their clients better and craft compelling narratives. With expertise in data collection, analysis, and interpretation, Jalen helps individuals and teams make sense of their data and optimize existing systems for improved insights and decision-making. If you're ready to unlock the potential of your data, Jalen is here to help you every step of the way.


Gonzalo Maldonado-1

Gonzalo Madonado has experience in sales, dealer development, and operations management with a demonstrated history of working in the automotive and Microbility EV industry. Gonzalo is the City Manager at Steer EV. Gonzalo and I met through in-person networking in Austin, TX, vis-a-vis the efforts of friends who hosted parties through the 2-Hour Cocktail Party framework! Grateful for our time, Gonzalo!

ASKS: Folks, Gonzalo is actively seeking a new position in the Austin market. With extensive experience and a strong skill set, Gonzalo is ready to contribute positively to a new team and organization. If you know of any opportunities or have connections in the Austin job market, Gonzalo would greatly appreciate your assistance in making valuable connections.


Natasha Walstra

Natasha Walstra helps leaders, business owners, and entrepreneurs own their voice and leverage their expertise to drive business growth using a unique Nearbound Strategy. Natasha is the founder and consultant at Nearpoint Strategies. Her approach focuses on utilizing personal branding and relationships to increase sales and make a positive social impact. I met Natasha during a networking call and was immediately drawn to her passion for leveraging personal branding and relationships to drive business growth. We share a common interest in referral partnerships and helping each other's networks. Natasha's entrepreneurial spirit, strategic mindset, and strong communication skills make her a valuable connection in my professional network. I look forward to our continued collaboration and mutual support. Thank you, Natasha.

ASKS: Folks, Natasha is eager to connect with entrepreneurs or sales teams who are interested in leveraging the LinkedIn Nearbound strategy to transform relationships into revenue through the power of personal branding and high-integrity social selling. If you or someone you know is seeking to maximize sales potential on LinkedIn, Natasha would love to explore how her expertise can help achieve those goals.


Daniel Kochka

Daniel Kochka helps entrepreneurs and small businesses navigate their financial landscape using his expertise in tax, bookkeeping, and CFO services. Daniel is the Managing Principal at Integrated Accounting Solutions, where he leverages his years of experience as a CPA and his MBA in Accounting to provide strategic financial guidance. Daniel's passion for simplifying the financial process for his clients is evident in his work, and his commitment to staying updated on industry trends through active membership in professional organizations like AICPA, NJSCPA, NSTP, and ACFE is commendable. Our professional relationship has been marked by his dedication and competence, and I look forward to continuing to collaborate with him. Thank you, Daniel.

ASKS: Folks, Daniel is actively seeking a Part-Time/Fractional Tax Preparer to join his team. Additionally, he aims to build a community of CPAs and Tax Preparers, particularly targeting experienced professionals who have owned and operated their firms for many years, as well as those working in big/larger firms. If you fit the bill or know someone who does, don't hesitate to reach out to Daniel to explore potential collaborations or connections.


Josh Pies

Josh Pies helps businesses overcome obscurity and increase their market presence using innovative advertising and content creation strategies. Josh is the Chief Attention Getter at C47 Films, where he leverages his expertise in video podcasting, branded content creation, social media marketing, and market strategy to drive business growth and inspire people to be better. Josh's unique approach to advertising, coupled with his commitment to the concept of "giver's gain," sets him apart in the industry. His passion and dedication are evident in his work and his mission to exponentially inspire humans. Having interacted with Joshua, I am impressed by his confidence, passion, and his ability to adapt to different business needs. His diverse range of services is a testament to his adaptability and expertise in the field. Thank you for your inspiring work, Josh.

ASKS: Folks, Josh is actively seeking B2B companies with an average employee count of 10-250 and a small or non-existent marketing department. Particularly, businesses outsourcing marketing efforts with a key employee involved who isn't a marketer are ideal candidates. While product manufacturers and sellers are welcome, Josh finds it easiest to engage with business service companies. Some examples of current show topics include business brokerage, acoustic design, HVAC services, real estate for both B2C and investors, mortgages, dumpster rentals, business coaching, home insurance (often sold through realtor referral partners), and private equity. If your company fits these criteria or you know someone who does, Josh would love to connect and explore potential opportunities for collaboration.

Alex Little

Alex Little is a veteran finance & accounting executive, growth strategist, fractional chief financial officer and has a proven record of building more efficient businesses, driving profitability, and supporting business owners who are making money, but feel broke better understand what they make, spend, and keep. Alex is the founder of Little CFO Services, a firm that specializes in providing fractional CFO services, expert bookkeeping, tax, and accounting services. With a strong focus on expense savings, Alex has saved business owners an average of $25k+ in their first month of collaboration. I met Alex through a mutual connection, Jason, and was instantly impressed by his dedication and innovative approach to business finance. Alex's background in accounting and information systems coupled with his passion for operations and finance makes him a valuable asset to any small business owner. Our professional relationship has revolved around sharing insights, discussing potential business expansion strategies, and exploring the challenges of building a SaaS product. Alex's long-term goal of acquiring an accounting firm and expanding his services further illustrates his commitment to the financial success of small businesses. I look forward to continuing our professional relationship and supporting each other in our respective businesses. Thank you, Alex.
ASKS: Folks, Alex wants to connect with home services and construction business owners who are making money but feel broke and want to better understand their finances. If you know any business owners who need clarity on what they make, spend, and keep, Alex is eager to help them achieve financial clarity and stability.


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Post by Conrad Ruiz
June 7, 2024