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Welcome to "In The Looop".

Well Aware's weekly* (we try) Networking Newsletter!

The #1 goal of this newsletter is to foster more conscientious networking.

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As always, please refer to the following for how to best use this newsletter:

1. Please reply to me with your interest in any relationships I share here.

If you want to meet one of the people below, all you have to do is ask.

2. Please reply with a clear reason for why you want to connect with someone.

In order to connect you, I need context so that I can propose a thoughtful intro.

3. Please reply to me even if you have NO interest in anyone I share today.

Tell me your current ASKS. Say "Hi!" Point being: Keep our relationship two-way.



Let's look at today's spotlighted Well Aware networking relationships:

Lori Karpman

Lori Karpman uses her impressive wealth of knowledge and experience to help businesses scale and attain higher levels of success. Lori is the CEO of Lori Karpman & Company, a multi-service management consulting firm that creates customized solutions for marketing, sales, operations, HR, finance, and technology for businesses and organizations worldwide. With over 35 years of experience in the franchise industry, Lori is a leading expert on franchising and multi-unit business development models in Canada. Lori's commitment to networking and building relationships is evident in her willingness to explore potential partnerships and her openness to providing advice and guidance. I am grateful for the opportunity to collaborate with her and look forward to our continued professional relationship. Thank you, Lori.

ASKS: Folks, Lori is seeking to connect with graphic artists, digital marketing firms, marketing agencies, and webmasters. If you or someone you know falls into these categories and is interested in collaborating or networking, Lori would love to connect.


Vivi Muchila

Vivi Muchila is a dedicated professional who helps small businesses thrive by managing their finances using Quickbooks and Xero. Vivi is the Founder of VM Bookkeeping Services, where she provides a range of services including bookkeeping, consulting, and training. Originally from Namibia and now based in Switzerland, Vivi serves US clients remotely, allowing them to focus on running their businesses while she takes care of their financial needs. I met Vivi during a sales call in April, where we discussed the potential of her employing my VA services. Despite a previous negative experience with a VA from the Philippines, Vivi was open and proactive in seeking the right assistance to support her growing business. Her need for flexibility and her willingness to provide training on her systems and processes resonated with my service offerings, which include a flexible schedule and a zero minimum policy. I am looking forward to establishing a professional and mutually beneficial relationship with Vivi, and I am grateful for the opportunity to support her business. Thank you, Vivi.

ASKS: Folks, Vivi is keen to connect with business owners in the childcare industry, as well as those who feel overwhelmed by the disorganization of their finances. If you're in either of these categories or know someone who is, Vivi is ready to offer her expertise and support to help streamline financial processes and drive success in your business.


Amanda Catarzi

Amanda Catarzi Hengst helps businesses thrive and individuals access exclusive investment opportunities by leveraging her strengths in strategic content creation and network building. Amanda is the founder of Inkery Co, a vehicle through which she crafts compelling copy that converts followers into paying clients. She also invests her energy in smart investments & community, connecting people with unique investment opportunities. Amanda's personal journey is one of resilience and transformation, from overcoming life-altering challenges, like escaping a cult, and sex trafficking, to becoming a powerful advocate for change. My connection with Amanda extends into a deep appreciation for her tenacity and her unwavering commitment to create a positive impact. Beyond our interactions, I've found Amanda's determination inspiring, her strategic skills impressive, and her desire to empower others heartening. Thank you, Amanda.

ASKS: Folks, Amanda is eager to connect with various professionals across different domains:

For Consulting: She's prepared to collaborate with business owners and entrepreneurs seeking to overcome stagnation by implementing innovative marketing strategies and customized positioning tactics to reignite business growth.

In Copywriting: Amanda specializes in enhancing brand messaging for businesses struggling to convert social media engagement into tangible sales. Her strategic rewrite approach captivates audiences and drives meaningful results.

Regarding Investments: Amanda is dedicated to curating exclusive investment opportunities in real estate, private label, and wholesale FBA for discerning high-net-worth individuals and esteemed family offices. Her focus is on ensuring lucrative returns and long-term prosperity.


Daniel Kochka

Daniel Kochka helps entrepreneurs and small businesses navigate their financial landscape using his expertise in tax, bookkeeping, and CFO services. Daniel is the Managing Principal at Integrated Accounting Solutions, where he leverages his years of experience as a CPA and his MBA in Accounting to provide strategic financial guidance. Daniel's passion for simplifying the financial process for his clients is evident in his work, and his commitment to staying updated on industry trends through active membership in professional organizations like AICPA, NJSCPA, NSTP, and ACFE is commendable. Our professional relationship has been marked by his dedication and competence, and I look forward to continuing to collaborate with him. Thank you, Daniel.

ASKS: Folks, Daniel is actively seeking a Part-Time/Fractional Tax Preparer to join his team. Additionally, he aims to build a community of CPAs and Tax Preparers, particularly targeting experienced professionals who have owned and operated their firms for many years, as well as those working in big/larger firms. If you fit the bill or know someone who does, don't hesitate to reach out to Daniel to explore potential collaborations or connections.


JC Rodriguez

JC Rodriguez helps founders launch and maintain their email newsletters using his personalized content creation skills. JC is the founder of Lettrcraft, a company that transforms the way businesses connect with their audience through email marketing. Beyond his professional pursuits, JC is a family man, a music enthusiast, and a worship leader, reflecting his well-rounded personality and ability to balance various responsibilities effectively. My interaction with JC has been both rewarding and enlightening. We first connected professionally and have since built a supportive and collaborative relationship. JC's dedication to his work, his optimistic approach, and his drive to create a real impact with his business are truly inspiring. His passion for writing in other people's voices and creating personalized content has proven to be a game-changer in the realm of email marketing. Thank you, JC.

ASKS: Folks, JC is passionate about networking with like-minded business owners who are eager to explore innovative ways to market their remarkable products and services. If you're seeking fresh perspectives and creative strategies to elevate your marketing efforts, JC is the perfect connection to make. 


Looop Software Updates!

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Here's the latest on Looop's software development:

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And with that, as always, be well, be aware, and by all accounts, be warm with all of your relationship management efforts! If you have any questions, please reach out.All the best,

Conrad Ruiz | CEO | Well Aware

Conrad Ruiz 



Post by Conrad Ruiz
June 7, 2024