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Your Time

Take back the time you need to grow your business and life through a time management partnership with Well Aware.


Time is Your Only True Ceiling

Building a better business demands a lot, but you're already busy! How are you going to find the time when you’re already at your limits? What about your personal life too?

We help busy professionals buy back their time in the most affordable way so that they can focus on what matters. Our goal is to make more people well on their way with time.


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Focus On What Matters

Our services ensure you understand exactly where your time can be most effective. Everything else, we can take care of. Want to know how we can help you stay focused?


Together with you, we make an assessment of your current time management challenges, and create a personalized plan for you.


We remove all the low-value tasks that are wasting your time and have become roadblocks to helping you grow your business.


After assessing and outsourcing, we help you speed up the growth of your business with our time-enabling partners and providers.


Together with you, we make an assessment of your current time management challenges, and create a personalized plan for you.



We remove all the low-value tasks that are wasting your time and have become roadblocks to helping you grow your business.


After our initial assessment and outsourcing, we then help you speed up the growth of your business with our time-enabling partners and providers.


Our Suite of Systems

Well Aware's products and services are managed under the very systems we offer to you in support of your business. We buy back our own time in the very same way we offer to buy back yours.


Well Aware Virtual Assistance

At our core, we appreciate being able buy back our client's time directly through rapidly available delegation. 

Our team of virtual assistants are capable of performing one-off work on a fractional basis, as well as recurring work 20 hours each week.

Well Aware Relationship Management (WARM)

WARM started as a set of well-written workflows specifically designed to help us stay in touch with our network, warmly.

Our processes have shown to increase word-of-mouth referrals, boost social media engagement, & overall foster deeper connections. It's the best kind of marketing, hands down.


The Well Aware TRACK System

We know just how busy things can get, and how often that means important details can slip through the cracks. 

With the Well Aware TRACK System, you can maintain awareness of every hour across your time and world.


We're outsourcing all kinds of tasks & responsibilities every day. Take a look at how we've helped our clients take off from their plate.

Social Media Content Creation Management

Be it through ClickUp or a basic spreadsheet, our team has created, posted, engaged, & even analyzed social media content on behalf of our clients. We've followed SOPs...

Inbox Management

With heavy consideration for account security, as well as communicating properly with relationships, we have helped our clients reach and maintain inbox zero. Our standards for email...

Lead Generation Research + Outreach

Using LinkedIn Sales Navigator, Google Search, & a slew of other tools, we have successfully kickstarted cold relationships for clients. Using CRMs like HubSpot...

Meeting Notes & Executive Follow-Up

Using seamless and affordable automations, our team not only captures and organizes meeting notes - we also follow up on every action item. Reminders are a...

Project & Task Documentation

Projects & tasks that need to be done also need to be organized, tracked, and deadlined - let us be the ones to free you from typing everything you do in your Asana...

Podcasting, Payroll, Research & More...

Looking to get on niche podcasts? Been there. How about managing payroll? Done that! Need a research report? We have done so much. Tell us what you'd like to do.


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What I appreciate most about Conrad is his ability to make time management simple and accessible. He is a gifted communicator who can explain complex concepts in an easy-to-understand manner, and he is patient and supportive in his approach to coaching and training.

Whether you are struggling to meet deadlines, feeling overwhelmed with your workload, or simply looking to enhance your productivity and efficiency, I believe that Conrad can help you achieve your goals. I highly recommend him without reservation.

Joshua Krafchick
Untitled design (2)

Conrad has been such an excellent client. He is attentive and responsive.
With regard to Well Aware, he has subtlety given me some great advice. He has helped me astronomically with my work life balance, perhaps without even knowing it!

Heather Starke
Untitled design (3)

Getting to know Conrad means that you are going to have intelligent, inspiring, and motivating interactions. Conrad and I have been collaborating on a few projects for over a year. Conrad is a very effective communicator and innovator- one with patience and ingenuity combined with the ability to break down subject matter. I always come away with new ideas after our conversations - thanks, Conrad! It’s without hesitation that would I recommend Conrad if you are looking for the best in time management.

Jan Raeder
Untitled design (4)

Everyone should have a Conrad Ruiz in their life and business.
He is as compassionate and he is innovative...truly a rare human being.
He is a scientist and an expert when it comes to the subject of harnessing time, energy, and focus.
I had the pleasure of working with Conrad on my business, and he helped me gain clarity, organization, and confidence in my daily and big picture approach.
In one unique instance, he coached me through reorganizing my office, and in one hour I was able to COMPLETELY organize my office....which was a goal I had procrastinated for over a year.
If you have the chance to work with Conrad on anything from your business to your personal life. Don't hesitate. There's no question you will be more clear and confident after working with him.
His is one of the rarest, and most important and effective, GIFTS I've ever seen.

Brian Breen
Untitled design (6)

I highly recommend Conrad Ruiz and the excellent coaching he provides. Conrad has really helped me to organize my work life – making me much more effective. His listening skills are excellent and he approached my work as if it were his own – a great partner! If you are looking to increase motivation, improve productivity, reduce redundancy and just make your work less stressful then check out Well Aware.

Peter Thomas

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to work with a Well Aware Virtual Assistant?

$15 per hour. Note this cost applies to those who only need 1 hour per week or 4 hours each day. Exceptions apply to non-profits and early-stage startups, for whom we charge $10 per hour. For your awareness, costs account for our VAs themselves, atop the tools, systems, & trainings we use to do work for you, while also keeping ourselves organized & aware of all our efforts.

We need actual systems beyond just more hands-on-deck... how does that work?

Whether your goals are to scale, or you recognize that it's better to invest in automations rather than labor, we are on the same page. We can perform a discovery workflow that will organize where Well Aware and its partners can support you in your systems build out. It's effectively a 1-hour call + homework on our end. Learn more here on our About Discovery page.

How do I know you and your team are performing accordingly?

We provide Start-of-Day as well as End-of-Day reports within your preferred internal communications platform (typically Slack!). When it comes to meeting standards of performance, those are set at the beginning of our engagement, and over time and experience will be reviewed and updated. Awareness means everything to us. Expect us to communicate with you frequently.

What happens if I am not satisfied with our working experience?

If you are not satisfied with our performance for any reason, we have a money-back guarantee. For any virtual assistance efforts, this guarantee applies to a given task and/or project. For any consulting efforts, you can request a refund for the current month's retainer. For any partners we introduce you to that you end up doing business with, Well Aware stakes its referral fees from that partner as an insurance policy against your having a unsatisfactory experience. We like to have skin in the game.

What can Well Aware NOT do?

Short answer: More than we currently even know! But that's why we have partners, be that in services like website development, SEO, accounting, cold calling, UX/UI design, copywriting, specialized automations... you name it! We've studied countless operations, and have networked immensely for the awareness of those who can provide services that we can't. Our gift is having awareness of these services, and being able to quickly connect you to those we trust. It's an honor to network with you.

Where is this company going? Are you here to serve others on your time in the long run?

This is a challenging question. While we intend to build more products (such as we are with one of our latest software projects), Well Aware aims to maintain service relationships, albeit they will get to be more expensive. Granted, each of our VAs have their own will and can ultimately decide who they want to work with and how. Worst case, you need not rely on us solely to find quality assistance, and again, our partners are available to you. Alas, if you're ever worried about your dependency on our operational support, we'll have to engage time toward a backup plan! Per our standard, all that we do is documented, for you!

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