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Lavinia Jungco

Lavinia Jungco is an incredibly detailed, responsive, and mindful virtual assistant. Lavinia currently works for Well Aware as a fractional assistant. Lavinia and I connected through when, at the time, we sought need for a larger team. Lavinia has proven to be exceptional in her supporting Well Aware’s clients - from basic data entry, to thoughtful outreach for guesting on podcasts. and more. Lavinia does an incredible job of documenting all that she performs. For that, she inspires me to carry Well Aware’s philosophy further. Thank you, Lavinia.


  • Provide assistance with scheduling and email management.
  • Conduct research on project stages and provide regular follow-ups.
  • Aid in managing the CRM system Pipedrive.
  • Assist with research for travel arrangements.
  • Send reminders to the team for meetings and tasks.
  • Update posts on the Live Expert Access website.
  • Proofread book chapters for accuracy.
  • Refresh chapter visuals using Canva.
  • Compile author's website and social media details.
  • Add events to website.
  • Schedule podcasts using Acuity.
  • Conduct contact search and management.
  • Manage sales pipeline.
  • Utilize Canva for graphic design.
  • Manage calendars.
  • Conduct lead research and outreach via email and social media.
  • Manage social media platforms.
  • Edit podcasts.
  • Utilize CRM tools like HubSpot.
  • Research and identify new podcast leads.
  • Schedule podcasts and manage tasks for virtual assistants.
  • Update CRM sheets and maintain earning calendars.
  • Generate weekly ad spend reports.
  • Request client reviews and conduct publisher outreach.