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Clint Kirby Salvador

Clint Salvador is a joyful soul whose administrative prowess is vast. Clint is a virtual assistant for Well Aware. Clint and I were first introduced by Well Aware’s 1st ever-virtual assistant, Geilord Salazar. Clint has been an extremely vital assistant to Well Aware’s internal operations - without him, there would be much left to be done with no time to accomplish it. I’m proud to call him Well Aware’s key internal operations manager. Thank you, Clint!


  • TRACK Manager for Notion
  • Onboarding Manager (Trains New VA)
  • Email Management
  • CRM Management (HubSpot and Pipedrive)
  • Basic Video Editing using Filmora and CapCut
  • Task Management (Trello and Asana)
  • Website Management (Wix and WordPress)
  • Graphic Design (Canva and Adobe Photoshop)
  • Social Media Manager/QA Specialist
  • Lead Generation